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    Closing the presentation


      Is there anyway to close the window after the presentation? I have added a Breeze quiz question at the end. After the user clicks on the submit button nothing happens. They get confused. I would like to close the windows (like Captivate has some options) as soon as they complete the presentation. Is that possibe in Breeze presenter?

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          asm0d Level 1
          Closing a Breeze Presentation with a button:

          Make a small flash movie, containing a button ("quit") with an instance name of btnQuit.

          Add this actionscript to your movie:

          btnQuit.onRelease = function () {
          getURL ("javascript: window.close();");

          Put your small movie wherever you'd like in your PowerPoint presentation before compiling it with Presenter. Once its compiled, clicking the button should close the browser showing the Breeze presentation. Depending on the security settings of your browser, you may also get a message box warning you that the site is trying to close the window.