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    ADE authorization on Mac


      I cannot move my downloaded books into ADE.  I suspect it may be because I have not received authorization.  I believe there is supposed to be a authorization window pop up after you are finished installing ADE.  I get a message saying that the the installation is successful then nothing.  I can see the books in finder but they are "grayed" out and cannot be moved.  I am a novice at this and need help.  Thanks

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          In order to fix this please follow the steps as given below.


          Open Digital Editions and on the top left corner click Library>>Authorize computer.

          If your computer is already authorize with ADE then it will show up the ID with which Digital Editions is authorized.

          Now if your computer is not authorized then it will give you an option to enter ID and password in order to authorize it.

          Now if your computer is already authorized and you are not able to open books then please follow the steps as given below.


          Delete restore folder from following location.

             C:\Documents and Settings\UserName\My Documents\My Digital Editions.

          Once again download the same book.

          Now go to the location where you have downloaded book

          Right click on the book and select Open with.

          Now select Adobe Digital Editions

          Now the book should open in Digital Editions.


          I hope this will help you!!!