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    Chapter Overflow when burning Blu-Ray Disc




      I'm receiving  this error when I import the video clips, add a title at the beginning of two sections  and try burning the project to a Blu-Ray BDR.  The project previously  failed because the name of the disc had a space in it.  Now the "chapter  overflow" seems to imply that there are too many chapters in my  project?  I didn't add any marks.  I believe that the program has already  attempted to burn to the disc which means that it has failed and ruined the disc.  Can't  these types of errors be tested for as soon as I start the project  instead of letting it screw up an expensive disc and wasting 8+ hours of  conversion time?


      Does anyone have any other suggestions of what caused this error?  Or how to correct it?


      Thank you for your time and investigation.