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    "values of type Date cannot be represented in text" for minimum on DateTimeAxis?


      I'm trying to set the minimum and maximum of a datetime axis on a chart I'm making.. I want to show a full 24 hours along the timeline wherever the values happen to fall.


      so I have


      minChartDate.fullYear = currentDate.fullYear;

      minChartDate.month = currentDate.month;

      minChartDate.date = currentDate.date;

      minChartDate.hours = offset;





      maxChartDate.time = minChartDate.time + 1000*60*60*24;




      <mx:DateTimeAxis dataUnits="hours" parseFunction="parseDateString" displayLocalTime="true" maximum="maxChartDate" >



      but I'm getting the error 'Initializer for 'maximum': values of type Date cannot be represented in text.'


      what does this mean? the documentation specifies that the minimum and maximum of a DateTimeAxis should be a date object, and that's what I'm giving them!