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    Export to Premiere Pro

    ryan_khoo Level 1

      Hi all experts,


      If I do an export to Adobe Premiere Pro:


      1) Will it be rendered in Adobe Premiere Pro or Adobe After Effects ?


      2) How I do I import the file in from Adobe Premiere Pro ? Just like importing a picture or video ?


      3) I am thinking if I use Premiere Pro instead of Final Cut, will it cut down on input and output time ?



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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          After Effects always uses the AE Render engine to render files. If you export to Premiere Pro and then close AE the Render engine will open in the background to render from inside PPro. Dynamic link is similar to round tripping to motion from FCP. Personally, for most projects that require AE work I think the AE/Premiere workflow is faster than the FCP/AE workflow. Sometimes though, depending on the project, I'll use Automatic Duck to bring FCP elements into AE for FX work.


          Hope this helps.

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            ryan_khoo Level 1

            Thanks RIck, I think I am gonna try Premiere Pro. It should be more or less the same a Final Cut, right ? (At least, the interface looks the same to me)


            But do I import the AE file just like any other video or picture file ?