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    ICC Profile an "all in one" monitor?


      Does anyone know if the monitors on "all in one" computers such as the HP 610xt can be profiled using measurement devices like the ColorMunki or Spyder? I am getting nowhere with HP. Just trying to find out if anyone has done it on any all in one.

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          RASouthworth Level 3

          Any system can be profiled, i.e. it's display characteristics can be measured and used to create a profile for use in a profile-aware program such as Photoshop, so that the colors can be corrected within the program.  And I have not encountered a modern day system that could not be calibrated, i.e. the system contains a video adapter with an internal lut (look up table) that can be modified from the calibration/profiling software so that the RGB channels are "bent" to result in the desired contrast curve and reasonable neutrality.


          However, the important question you should be asking is what LCD panel technology is being used in the system.  Most come with TN panels, i.e. the same type as monitors on the shelves at Frys and Best Buy.  A visual test is walk up to one and dip your head slightly, if the screen contrast/brightness changes appreciably it's a tn monitor.  They can be calibrated/profiled, but other than the area of the screen that is exactly perpendicular to your sight line the tone and colors will be visually incorrect.  IMO if one intends to use the display for photographic work then it should be an IPS panel.  A good example is the high end Apple Cinema display, although less expensive versions can be obtained, such as the NEC EA231wmi.


          Richard Southworth