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    Need more basic information


      I have the opportunity to teach a bunch of students at my school Flash.  I am NOT a Flash programmer.  I am/was a C/Unix and VB programmer.  So, I have 4-5 months to LEARN everything I need to learn (of course, I will continue to learn while I am teaching but I will have more time now) by then.  So, I started with the trial products.


      I then looked at http://www.adobe.com/devnet/flex/testdrive/articles/1_build_a_flex_app.html

      and it seems they are "assuming" a certain setup and knowledge.


      1) They talked about a MYSQL database.  So, does that mean I have to install MYSQL on my computer?

      2) Then they talked about a webserver.  Does that mean I need that installed too?

      3) They talked about


      I just think they should put "prerequisites" at the beginning of it.


      I really need more information about EACH project that is related to FLASH.  What basic information do I need, what do I really need to learn this stuff quickly and easily?


      NOTE: I posted this in Flex, but I really need information about EACH product related to FLASH, since that is what I will be teaching.  I will be teaching both the programming/designing part of Flash.


      Thank you all for any help you can give me!!!