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    View Responses - Detail View Suggestion

    Slinger Tower

      As our company enters the digital age we still print out lots of our data to pass between department 'inboxes'.  Currently our form prints on two pages and would like to alter the row height so the print fits on one page.


      Please add the ability to change row height or fit to page option.  Other options to this would be a 'print layout' or have the rows reduce as font size reduces.



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          Todd Rein Level 3



          In the response table, you can change the font height for any cell, by selecting the cells you want to change (or the whole table) and choosing the desired font size from the toolbar directly above the table.


          Also, you can scale all the table's output by:

          - go into print view by going to the view menu, then the print layout view menu item

          - show the view toolbar by clicking the eyeball icon on the toolbar

          - drag the slider on the toolbar to the left, to scale the output down