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    Installed MS Internet Explorer 7 - Robohelp X5 Crashes

      Microsoft has had some updates lately that are causing RoboHelp X5 to crash. After installing updates from MS I can no longer work in my RoboHelp project. I'm totally down and can't do anything. I can open robohelp but it crashes within minutes of opening. I have a version of Robohelp 6 that I was going to install but after reading my email from the STC (Society for Technical Communication) Online SIG; I thinking I better not. I am seeing that there are others having the same issue. For instance:

      "We are experiencing some problems with a RoboHelp project. We were on RH X5 and the project was a little bit slow but it was manageable. We have upgraded to RH 6, and it is no longer manageable. For example, it took 18 minutes to open the project and add a TOC item. Then it errored out. We have several projects and most of them work fine. The one that is so incredibly slow is large compared to the others. It has around 68 folders, 600 HTM files, 150 images, and is about 35 MB ... and growing."