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    Works locally but not remotely

    mr._newt Level 1
      I'm loading jpegs randomly into my .fla. It works fine locally, and it worked fine when I tested it on my personal website. But on my company's site, the jpegs don't load. I'm thinking maybe it's a path issue, but not sure what the fix is...any help would be welcome.
      This is the code I'm using:
      randomNum = Math.round(Math.random()*15);
      loadMovie(randomNum+".jpg", this.blank");
      I've tried adding a path like /graphics/flash/2007jazzfest/this.blank but it doesn't like the /. I've tried quotes around everything, but it doesn't work...

      You can see it work at:
      1. click skip intro to get past the opening
      2. click either small red 'jazz fest' button in the upper right or left. It should take you to the credit page where a different jazz quote appears at random at the bottom.
      On my work site, everything works except that the quotes just don't load.

      I go live with this Friday night(the 8th) so any help would be appreciated :)