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    Blurry Text after Rendering




      I am currently taking a class on Digital Video Editing.  The current assignment is to compose a short video using only text and text effects.  I am using Premiere Pro CS5.  We must save the file as QuickTime using H.264 codec, size 320X240, 15 fps. 


      The "video" looks great in Premiere Pro CS5 when played back, but as soon as I export, the moving text is blurry.  I have adjusted numerous settings to try and get the text to look normal, but nothing is working.  I am using the Lithos Pro (Black) font and all the text is sized at 30 or above. I have tried four different fonts but still have the same problem.  The text I am having the most trouble with is when I have used the motion effect and established keyframes to start the text at the top of the screen and then have it move to the bottom.  The movement along the motion path is smooth and works great.  I have double checked to make sure that all the slant, etc., text properties are off. 


      Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.