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    No option to export as HD Avi


      Apologies if I've missed something obvious, either in the programme itself or on this forum, but I just can't seem to work this out.


      I am trying to export my movie as a high def avi file.  It exports beautifully to a DVD but I can't see any default presets to export to an avi in high def.  I have the following options:

      • DV NTSC standard (no good as I want PAL)
      • DVD NTSC widescreen (no good as I want PAL)
      • DVD PAL standard (not widescreen)
      • DVD PAL widescreen (video size doesn't seem changeable and is only 720x576 i.e. not full HD)
      • Microsoft AVI (seems to be NTSC)
      • Uncompressed Microsoft AVI (also seems to be NTSC)
      • xVid (this seems more changeable than the others i.e. I can change the resolution to 1920x1080, but it crashes everytime)


      Any help really appreciated.


      I am using Pre9 on a Windows 7 PC.  Footage is shot on a Panasonic HDC-SD60 in AVCHD format, imported using Panasonic's HD Writer software.  Pre Project settings are Full HD 1080i 25.


      Thank you very much.



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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Well, you could force the program to do it -- but technically there is really no such thing as a hi-def AVI. Because hi-def video includes over four times the videeo information of standard def, a different file format is needed.


          What are you trying to do this this video file and how are you planning to deliver it? On BluRay disc? Online? For use in another project as source video?


          Once we know what you want to do with it, we can recommend the optimal format to use.


          If you're interested, there's an entire chapter in my book that explains which format works best for which use. My books are available on Amazon.com and at Premiere Elements support site Muvipix.com.

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            herts101 Level 1

            Thanks Steve - very helpful and much appreciated.


            I am trying to stream the final file to my television over DLNA.


            The TV accepts a number of formats, including those as follows:

            .avi (Divx3.11/4.x/5.1/6.0) 1920x1080

            .avi (XviD) 1920x1080

            .avi (H.264 BP/MP/HP) 1920x1080

            .avi (MPEG4 SP/ASP) 1920x1080

            .mpg (MPEG1) 1920x1080

            .mpg (MPEG2) 1920x1080

            .mpg (H.264) 1920x1080

            .mp4 (H.264 BP/MP/HP) 1920x1080

            .mp4 (MPEG4 SP/ASP) 1920x1080

            .mp4 (XVID) 1920x1080


            Plus an array of other formats for .mkv, .asf, .wmv, .3gp, .vro, .ts, .tp, .trp


            Whilst I could encode at 1920x1080, my Wi-Fi struggles a bit with this, so I will probably take it down to 1280x720.


            Any suggestions much appreciated.,


            Will certainly take a look at your book.  I bought the "Classroom In A Book" by Adobe when I got the software and am amazed at how little detail is in it.


            Thanks again



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              the_wine_snob Level 9



              If you have the DivX CODEC (free) installed, then you can Export/Share to that with MS AVI and choose the DivX CODEC. It will be in an AVI wrapper.


              I, and many others, have had issues going directly to Xvid, though that should work, as it is just the open source for DivX. Why it crashes PrE and PrPro is a mystery.


              Good luck,



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                Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                Unfortunately, Bill, that will not produce a hi-def Divx file. Just a standard def Divx-AVI.


                I don't know the poster's device but, from the specs posted, I'd the best option is Share/Computer/MPEG using the H.264 1920x1080i.


                The output file will have a M2T suffix, but will actually be an MP4, so the poster should change the suffix to .mp4 before loading into the device. But, after that, it should play just fine.


                Also, the "Classroom in a Book" book is just that -- an overview and tutorial of some of the program's features.


                My "Muvipix.com Guides" will show you virtually every tool in the program and how to use it, often with step-by-step instruction.

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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  Actually, DivX can be HD, if one has started with HD material, which it seems that they have with the AVCHD. So long as the DV/DVC Preset has not been chosen, then HD is possible. With the DV/DVC Presets, you are correct - SD only.


                  If the full HD DivX is not available, then one could Share to AVI using the Lagarith Lossless, or UT Lossless CODEC (both free, though only for the PC), and use DivX Pro (~US$ 39) to do the DivX encoding.



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                    herts101 Level 1

                    Thank you both for your hugely well informed posts.


                    I'm actually quite excited about working through the various options now!


                    I have to be away from home for the next couple of days with work so won't be able to try things out yet, but on a quick run, the MPEG option that Steve sets out looks great on the computer - not yet tried streaming it to the TV though.


                    Does the MPEG2 1920x1080i 25 preset use H.264 by default or do I have to change something.  It describes the Codec as being MainConcept MPeg Video.


                    Thank you again and I'll report my success (hopefully) here when I get back.



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                      Ted Smith Level 3

                      The M2ts file produced by sharing as suggested will play directly in 'Blue Ray' PC players like PowerDVD through the HDMI connection of the computer video card to the TV HDMI input. Thius gives the ultimate quality as good as your TV is capable of producing with no conversion needed.


                      It will even play in Windows Media Player through the HDMI although movement is not quite as smooth.


                      This file will be identical to the M2TS file in the Stream folder of your burnt Blue Ray disk.

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                        herts101 Level 1

                        Well, thanks again for all the suggestions.  I've found a solution that works.


                        Exporting to Mpeg 1920x1080i played great on the computer, but on the TV it stuttered badly, even at lower resolutions.  I'm sure this is a problem with the TV's implementation of DLNA, which is a shame.


                        I tried exporting as an Avi using DivX Codec but Pre ran short of memory and wouldn't complete it.


                        Next I tried the Lagarith Lossless solution but this resulted in a load of interlace issues.  I'm sure there must be a way round this with some settings but I couldn't find it.


                        So .... I've ended up taking the Mpeg 1920x1080i output and converting it outside Premiere (using Aunsoft Video Convertor) to a Avi file, using xVid codec at resolution 1025x576.


                        This streams brilliantly and quality looks great despite the double encoding.


                        Good result in the end so thanks for all the advice.



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                          the_wine_snob Level 9



                          I am very surprised that Lagarith was not good for you, as it is mathmatically lossless - no pixels are changed.


                          Good luck,



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                            herts101 Level 1

                            I wonder whether I just got some of the settings wrong.  Field type was "Lowest First".  When I get a chance I'll try some others and see if it solves the interlace problem.


                            At least Pre completes it without crashing as with xVid so that is a step in the right direction!


                            Thanks again



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                              the_wine_snob Level 9



                              Just for clarification, DivX did not complete, due to Memory issues, but Xvid worked OK? That is interesting, because I, and many others, have not been able to Export with the Xvid CODEC, in either PrE, or PrPro, while DivX works fine in both programs. Maybe I need to check the version of my Xvid CODEC, as there could well be a newer one out there. However, as Xvid is just the open soucre for DivX, I really have need for only one, and as DivX works, I'll likely just keep that.


                              Thanks, and good luck,



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                                herts101 Level 1

                                No, neither DivX or xzVid would complete in Pre.  xVid just hangs, DivX ran out of memory.


                                I managed to convert an outputted mp4 file to avi xVid using an external programme.



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                                  the_wine_snob Level 9



                                  Thanks for the clarification. Your experience with Xvid, matches mine, and others' with both PrE and PrPro. I can play Xvid material (outside of my NLE's), but cannot Encode to it. The programs just freeze, or shut down. DivX works fine on both my laptop and my workstation, both with XP-Pro and 4GB RAM, but both are highly tuned for NLE work.


                                  Good luck, and remember, there is a DivX Pro encoder, that is (or was) a stand-alone, and cost about US $40. It does allow for many more settings, than just using the DivX CODEC in PrE/PrPro. I have that on my workstation, but have not upgraded to it on the laptop. Might be a good workaround for you here?