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    Q on Data / Web Services


      I've been developing with .NET for years, so I'm pretty familiar with it.  I looked into my current host provider, they don't support the .NET framework or Cold Fusion.  The host supports PHP and MySQL, but not MS SQL Server.


      I glimpsed over Flash Remoting and a few other forums under the Adobe Flash Forums list, did some Google searches but not really sure where to start.


      Original plan was to build .NET Web Services to integrate with a Flash Application, embedding all the business logic and database integration in the Web Services.


      One option is to switch host providers to one that supports the .NET Framework and PHP, but I was curious if there is a way to develop web services in Action Script or Flex or Flash or another Application platform from Adobe that would allow me to do the same thing I could with a .NET Web Service.


      The data sent between the Flash App and Web Services does not need to be secured, but I would like the business logic and database integration to be secure.  I was thinking there might be a way to integrate Flash with PHP calls, will need to research that option next, but thought I'd toss this question out here for any people who may be able to shed some light or provide some insight.