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    Main window "invisible" after unplugging external display


      I'm using Audition on a 2010 MB Pro, OSX 10.6.7 with an external Samsung 24'' display.


      I just unplugged the display while Audition was still open, and now it's gone. Well at least the main window. The Menu bar on top of the screen is still there of course. The main window however seems to have slipped somewhere to the left, out of sight. When I hit cmd+o or open the preferences window or anything else, they all appear halfway off the screen to the left.


      I tried plugging and unplugging the external display from my laptop, re-syncing the two displays, even re-installing Audition, no change.


      When I hit F3 to display all open programs, it will look like this:

      Bildschirmfoto 2011-04-11 um 00.39.45.jpg


      So, just the Audition label without the miniature preview. Same effect when cmd+tabbing, the Audition logo is there, but the program itself stays "invisible".


      It's kind of a problem, because i was working on a multitrack session which needs to be done by tuesday...Anyone got any hints?


      Thx in advance.