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    need help in deciding how to use new hard drives & SSD

    RobertBoy Level 1

      I've read through the suggested drive arrangements for 4 drives, but mine is a bunch of different drives and I would like some help.  I have some drives coming and would like to set them up to be most efficient for PPro CS5 and Encore CS5.  Here is what I have (or will have in the next few days):


      Drive 1:  New SSD for OS (win7 - 64) and programs - it is a Crucial C300-256GB and will be here in a few days.

      Drive 2: A new WD Black 1TB - It will be here tomorrow.

      Drive 3: Samsung 1TB drive

      Drive 4: Hitachi 750 GB drive


      I have run some benchmarks on drive 3 & 4 and they are about the same - not terribly fast.  I assume that Drive 2 will be the fastest of the hard drives, and of course the SSD will be the fastest of them all.  Any suggestions?