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    This FXP is invalid




      Last week had a crash due this message This FXP is invalid cannot be opened.... at least I knew I forgot to correct a wrong script...


      This weekend, happened 3 times again, no warning message shown...., re intalled the FC, and happened again, is there someone can help me??





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          The same error happened to me last week I am using FC5.

          Program crashes, then recovers and sends you an internal error saying it ran out of memory. You save the file (thinking it would work normally) and discover that the project is not valid anymore. In fact, I lost more than 4 hours work due to this error (because I always tend to overwrite the project in order to save hard disk space).

          My library was a project over 40Mb and I discovered that I had too many components and images in the library that were duplicated or unnecessary (I imported several modifications for this project and Catalyst never overwrites anything repeated).


          The solution is to erase (one by one) any unnecessary component and image from the library until the project is clean and lighter (my version finished being a 6Mb archive).

          I think Catalyst is the most unstable program I have ever used and people from Adobe should work a lot harder in order to fix this issues.