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    Director 11.5 with OS X 10.6


      I used Director from 5.0 through MX2004. My last project was in 2006 on a PowerMac G5. Wanting to upgrade some projects I went to the Adobe site and found 11.5. It required an intel Mac (which I just purchased) and at least 10.4. I downloaded 11.5, opened some files, and soon found problems with creating projectors and it making files not workable with previous versions of Director. An information document that came with the download listed requirements as 10.5. Google did not give me a clear answer as to use with 10.6. Finally, after several weeks of corrupted files and frustration, I found the following link on the Adobe site that shows Director is the only software they sell that is not compatible with Win 7 and Snow Leopard. Sorry to have found that out late. Unless you on the forum know something that I don't, I guess it is time to move on. (See my previous post of a few days ago concerning sound).



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          Mike Blaustein Level 4

          I have been using Dir 11.5 with Snow Leopard for a while now and I have had no serious problems. And I have also used it on Windows 7 without trouble.  It is true that they are not formally "supported", but they ork just fine.  Make sure you are using the latest version of Director, 11.5.8 which has many compatibility updates (as well as AS2 support for Flash sprites and other important updates).  Go to Help, Update from within Director to update it.  For some reason, the version that you download is not the latest...

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            DigDay Level 1

            Thanks. I went to updates and it downloaded a HotFix 2. When it tries to complete the installation it encounters a problem and ask that I retry or quit. Any ideas?