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    Rewind to beginning??


      This feels like a wildly stupid question, but searched forums and no answer - so here goes: there doesn't seem to be any way to rewind to the beginning of a multitrack project. Hitting the rewind button scrubs backwards and hitting the "other" rewind button goes back to the last edit point or track ending/beginning. Having to scroll all the way back to the beginnings seems crazy so I must be missing it. Anyone help with this?


      While I"m here, some other super helpful things that could be added are:


      - control over custom fades: fade shape, fade duration


      - ability to zoom into waveform, like when you click waveform display, but have it be editing the actual track audio placement, not the original audio file. Non-destructive waveform editing of the placed piece of audio within the multitrack mix.


      - transport control on the "mixer" screen. if you don't have the transport window open separate, and just use the transport at the bottom of the multitrack window, as soon as you switch to mixer window the transport goes away.


      That's it for now - thanks! Great program!

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          ryclark Adobe Community Professional

          The "Home" key should take you instantly back to the start of the session. Similarly "End" takes to the end. Other keyboard short cuts allow to jump between the start and end of clips.


          AFAIAA all the other stuff is already there. You can use the space bar to star and stop playback when the Mixer is open and if you place Markers on the tracks you can move backwards and forwards to them using keyboard shortcuts even when the Multitrack view is behind the Mixer view.


          In order to make full and efficient use of Audition it is fairly essential to get to know lots of the Keyboard shortcuts that are available but is difficult with the Mac beta version since there isn't a Help file available. Looking at the online Help for the PC version of AA 3 will give you some idea of what is available.