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    Reader 10 & FireFox

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      Over a week ago I posted on this site that I was having problems with PDF's in Reader 10 getting hung up inside Firefox.  Someone suggested I upgrade to Firefox 4.0, which I did.  The problem went away.  But now it's back.  I've tried a few troubleshooting ideas suggested in the Firefox help menu.  Also tried uninstalling Reader 10, completely deleting the old folder and downloading Reader 10 fresh and reinstalling.  The problem disappeared, but again it's back - PDF's hang up inside Firefox 4.0.  Any suggestions?  I'm seriously considering going back to Reader 9.x.

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          I don't have an answer, but the same problem.

          Windows XP, just updated to Firefox 4 (which is great!) and then Reader X. I can get pdf's to load up, but when I try to save, Firefox hangs. Seems Flash 10 and Adobe 10 are causing similar problems from reading other forums.


          I unintalled Reader X and installed 9.4 (then updated to 9.4.3) and got pdf's to load in a browser and could save, but now when I try to open it, it says it can't locate the file. So be careful with trying to revert. Not sure what went wrong.


          Hoping for a fix/solution soon!

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            I uninstalled Reader X and reinstalled 9.4.  So far, Firefox is opening PDF's without issues.  I tried to save a PDF but Firefox froze.  However, the PDF was saved to the desired location on my C: drive.  On the second attempt to save, I had no problems at all.  There is apparently an issue between Firefox (any version) and Reader X.  At least that is my observation from personal experience.  Perhaps X.1 will solve whatever problems exist.