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    Need help on Reader




      I've created a pdf file using adobe acrobat 9.4.3 pro and enabled extend features in adobe reader in order to allow my users to save data that they enter into the form.  I have tried to use this pdf on two different computers (both have adobe reader 10x installed) one system is online and the other is an offline computer.  The online system opens and saves the document perfectly.  The offline system opens the pdf but then tells me that the file is out of date and to see the administrator for an updated copy of the pdf (it's the exact same file on both pc's), and will not save the data.  I can save a text copy but not the pdf copy (on the offline computer.)  (The offline system is used by kids so it has to stay offline, but I made the pdf so they could enter data and then save the pdf to a flash drive and then print it from a different computer) I am confused as to why one system would work perfectly and the other wouldn't.  Both systems are windows xp OS's.  Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks