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    attachMovie problem


      I have a main clip with a gallery-style movie clip in it that has recently been required to be updated with new content (basically means adding new galleries). On the main timeline there is a whole whack of code controlling the functionality of the original gallery. I figured that I'd use attachMovie for the new galleries and use the same instance names to save re-writing all the code. The new galleries reside in their own folders in the library and have their linkage set as Project1 throught Project7. attachMovie is working but now none of the nested clips within the attached clip work that contain onRollover/onRollOut/onPress events. I've traced their relevent instance names and they are there within the attached clip.


      Here's the idea:


      ProjectsMenu.Project1.onPress = function(){


          //PicsAll is the original gallery on stage at depth -16383
          attachMovie("Project1", "PicsAll", -16383, {_x:474, _y:172});


      Also, I realise removeMovieClip(PicsAll) is probably redundant since I'm attaching the new clip at the same depth as original.