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    Problem with Chinese Character display on Adobe Reader X

    not4rent Level 1

      Just a short brief introduction to the issue. I am supporting end-users in our company's China offices and had users encounter this issue with the Adobe Reader X. As per the screen capture below, the characters do not display correctly even though MUI and Chinese language font pack had been installed on Adobe Reader X.


      I did a second test using Adobe Reader 8.2 with Chinese and the wordings appear as normal character instead of the boxes with crosses below.



      Our users are currently running in WinXP SP3 and had Adobe Reader X deployed to their system. On the office systems, they were unable to view the document properly but were able to do so in their home environment.


      I did another check and noticed the following:


      PDF Producer: Adobe LifeCycle Designer ES 8.2

      PDF Version: 1.6 (Acrobat 7.x)


      When running in Adobe Reader 8.2, the font that were detected were


      - AdobeSongStd-Light (UniGB-UTF16-H)

      - SimHei (UniGB-UTF16-H).


      However, Adobe Reader X detected the following fonts:


      - AdobeMingStd-Light (UniCNS-UTF16-H)

      - AdobePiStd (Ansi)

      - KozGoPr6N-Medium (UniJIS-UTF16-H)

      - MyriadPro-Regular (Ansi)

      - SimHei (UniGB-UTF16-H)


      I will appreciate any assistance.


      Thank you.