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    CS5.5..... ???

    [scott] Level 6

      Adobe marketing is, well, marketing. They do not do a great job of CLEARLY defining the benefits of CS5.5 comparied to CS5. What is needed is a clear, concise list of "This app has this in CS5.5 which was not avaialble in CS5.0"


      I see several Indesign features for epub/device profiles.


      But is there really anything in Photoshop CS5.5 that warrants a $400 price tag? All I see is a "scripting engine upgrade."


      I can only assume 50% of the $400 price tag is due to Acrobat X being included... but for those of us that already own Acrobat X, there is no break??? I'll be calling tomorrow to see what the sales reps say, but I'm curious what others think.