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    Move button to the next page with his function.

    Xavi Marín

      Hello, is the any way to move a button to the another page with his functions?


      I can't creat a new button, because I need all the function that contains the button original. I use it now, but it is not ok for to change te page because it has not the paramater location.... :


              var newAddRect=[addRect[0], addRect[1] + delta -1, addRect[2],addRect[3] + delta -1];
              btnAdd.rect = newAddRect;


      I saw the propierty: button.page, but is only for read.


      I know about the propierty Action of the button, and I know that I could assign the code... but I descarted because it's will generate a recursive code....



      Can I use in the button.Action the call a trusted function ?


      Thank you!