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    Correspondent Management: Defining Users as custom asset type




      I am an absolute newby and I am trying to display a list of the Livecycle users in the Asset Manager UI and possibly create new user and update some user details from there.


      I noticed that the UI components in the Asset Manager UI are generic and given the asset type they use the asset handlers to display the details of the asset.


      So basically I am trying to register the livecycle users as an asset type. For which I defined a Java class and created an fml and registered the classes in the spring-config.xml. I am stuck with the Asset Handler now and I am confused with what is required in the AssetTypeDescription and Asset Handler.


      I have been looking for some clear guideline on this and even if it is possible to do so but solution guide and the Building Blocks technical guides were not really what I was looking for.


      Would it be possible to give me an outline of what I need to do for this please ?


      Thank you very much.