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    Windows Media Player Classic in Adobe Reader X


      Every time when i want to play a video in (PDF file) Adobe Reader X it wants to play it with Windows media player classic. And the only thing adobe reader shows me is the logo from WMPC, it wont play the video. The video files are .wmv so that can't be the problem.


      System specs:


      Windows XP Pro. SP3

      Installed .Net Framework 2,3,4.

      Windows Media player 11 what also installs WMPC 6.4

      No codec pack installed.


      What i've tried:


      Uninstall - re-install Adobe Reader X

      Uninstall - re-install Windows Media Player 11

      Turned off Windows featurs for Windows Media Player Classic

      Turned all the functions off within WMPC so that it wont play the video files. (extensions)

      Within adobe reader edit-preferences,Multimedia tabs. I allowed to play files within the reader and i also tried the preferred media player configurations.


      The weard thing is that when i search the movie in the Temp folder off adobe reader it will play the video.