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    Blurry text when exporting to swf (Captivate 5)


      Hello everyone.


      I have been trying to find a good solution to this problem but found none, so I'm posting here in hopes that someone can help me.

      Ok here we go!


      When exporting from captivate 5 to swf files the text seem to get very blurry. Thats the major problem, but it is much more complex than I thougt when i started researching it. Take a look at these pictures:



      The picture above is when the Internet Explorer window is maximised to full screen.



      The picture above is when the Internet Explorer window is resized to a size smaller than the desktop resolution. See the difference?








      Now down to the system specifications.

      The computer Im using to view this is a Windows 7, 64 bit system with IE8. The flash player is 10.2.


      To complicate things further. When Im playing the exact same lesson on Windows XP with IE7 and Flash player 10.2 it looks crisp and normal.


      I thought that I could try to add a bullet below in a text box... but with 12 lessons and 20 slides with text boxes.... well it takes a while. Also highlighting 1 letter takes forever.


      Can anyone give any feedback on the problem?


      Best regards from Norway 

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          I do not know if this will help, but normally you do not play the SWF right away, but from the HTML-file which will call the JS and start SWF. Because you are talking about resizing the window, I suppose you try to start the SWF, not? And is the CP playing at the resolution it was designed for or did you rescale?


          The CP-modules I'm publishing on our LMS do play in IE8 on Win7 systems, and I did not really see your issue. That is the reason for my 'suspicion'