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    how to adapt project, created in P.Elements and opened in Premiere CS5 for Avid MC


      hi, friends!


      please, help me to find the way to solve this problem.


      There is a project created on Windows in Premiere Elements.


      I try to open it on Mac OS in Premiere CS5.
      Unsuccessfully, of course. CS5 says that the project was created by version elder than CS2.
      Then I move a sequence into project window, passing import, and Premiere CS5 opens it.


      Then I export a sequence as AAF and after that I'm getting errors report saying:


      The AAF file "/Users/marla/Desktop/test.aaf" could not be exported completely and/or accurately, as logged below:
      Cannot export video effect "AE.ADBE ProcAmp" (Sequence: "Sequence 01", Video Track: "Video 1" (#1), Position: 3409, Time: 00:02:16:09) because it is not supported. Effect was ignored.


      As far as I understand, CS5 doesn't understand effects applied to video in Elements (tell me, please, if I'm wrong).


      After that I try to remove effects. But after pressing a clip and "remove effects" button, effects don't disappear.

      Please, help me to find right solution of this situation!


      and please tell me, is there a real chanse to adapt project created in such an old version of Premiere to Avid Media Composer, installed on Mac OS?