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    PE9 BD Burning problem answer (perhaps)

    Ted Smith Level 3

      I burnt a BD disk with PE9 that will not play on my Pioneer player but plays OK in the computer and on an old Panasonic TV player.


      It had no menus, start or stop markers.


      I copied the m2ts file off the burnt disk back to my computer


      I then burnt another BD disk using the previously burnt file using Cyberlink Powerproducer. This is a simple editor that came with my computer burner.

      This produced a simple menu even though I did not ask for one.


      It now plays perfectly  with no loss in quality on my Pioneer player. Pioneer claim their player will play BDAV and BDMV disks.


      This suggests that there is something drastically wrong with PE9  BD burning system.


      Any commments before I let them know?


      The main difference was a folder name is differenty and  PE9 called the file 00000 while Power called it 00001.  PE9 contains a Certificate folder in the root directory. A few files in the first folder are different.


      ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ---

      The following is the structure of the PE9 burnt disk






              AUXDATA  Empty


              BDJO (Folder) Empty


             CLIPINF  (Folder)

                      00000.clpi  27kb


              JAR (Folder) Empty


              META (Folder) Empty


              PLAYLIST (Folder)

                      00000.mpls  1kb


              STREAM (Folder)

                      00000.m2ts 6gb



                       index.bdmv  1kb

                      MovieObject.bdmv  1kb


                      BDJO (Folder)


                      CLIPINFO (Folder)


                      JAR (Folder)


                      PLAYLIST (Folder)


      CERTIFICATE (Folder) contains

               id.bdmv 1kb 

      ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ -----------

      The following is the structure of the Powerproducer burnt disk




          info.bdav    2k


          mark.td2    16k


          menu.tdt2    16k


          menu.tidx    2k




              00001.clpi    28k




              00001.rpls    2k




              00001.m2ts      6,522,006k (The video)




          info.bdav    2k


          mark.td2    16k


          menu.tidx    2k




                  00001.clpi    28k




                  00001.rpls    2k

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Ted, if your burned disc had an M2TS file on it, it wasn't a BluRay disc. It was just a data disc.


          How did you burn a disc from Premiere Elements with an M2TS file on it?

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            Ted Smith Level 3


            I burned it using the normal (one and only way) that you do with PE9!


            It definitely is a M2ts file on BOTH disks only the one burnt with PE9 wont play in my player, the other one will.


            They both play identically in my computer and their quality is indistinguishable with the original files (1900x1080) on my similar monitor and TV.

            I had lots of dissolves and split audio cuts and they all look perfect.

            PE9 made the m2ts file that is now on both disks.


            Also it is in a STREAM foilder.


            If it was data one would think it would simply be in the root folder of the disk?


            The PowerProducer added a simple menu to the disk even though I didnt ask for one and I had to start it by pressing Play whereas the PE9 one did not. The latter simply locking up the player in the 'play mode' when I inserted it so I couldn't even open the tray without removing power.




            What extension does you PE9 create on your blue ray disks?

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              Ted Smith Level 3

              Incidently my player specs say it can also play AVCHD disks.