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    bin to timeline.

    Lucien Schilling Level 1

      I have a bunch of Panasonic xmf files neatly grouped into directories. BTW: Importing them is a small problem, as you can import them as a whole, and Premiere creates a bin for each directory, but imports also the sound and bmp files and even tries importing the xml files. So I needed to delete the unwanted data mannually (What about a button "Import Video|Audio|AV only"?).


      I have now a neatly arranged bunch of bins, and to be able to scratch those bins, I would like to create a sequence per bin with the name of the bin. I know about "Automate to Sequence", but I still need creating and renaming the sequence manually.


      Is anyone aware of a macro for doing that: Selecting a bin (or range of bins) and creating a sequence with the name of the bin and puting the clips in the sequence?

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          Colin Brougham Level 6



          If you use the Media Browser to navigate to your P2 folder, it will switch into "Panasonic P2" view mode and show you what basically amount to master clips; you can select and drag those to the New Bin button at the bottom of the Project Panel. You'll get just the master clips, as you want, without having to delete unwanted stuff. Premiere is smart enough to figure out how to link all the files together. It will create a new bin containing all the imported files, with the Name field highlighted so you can name it as you like.


          You can then drag the bin that was create to the New Item button; this will create a sequence in the bin and place all clips in the bin into the sequence. Unfortunately, the sequence assumes the name of the first clip in the bin, not the bin itself. However, you can change the name of the sequence as usual. Maybe this is something that is different in the new CS5.5 version; if not, a Feature Request would be in order (Adobe Feature Request/Bug Report Form).

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            Lucien Schilling Level 1

            Why didn't I try drag-and-drop to the new button? Normally I do, but I expected it to apear in the context menu (RM).


            Naming the sequence after the first clip is really a fools idea !


            Thanks Colin.