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    Forced printing as image to a postscript printer




      We are having trouble using Adobe Reader after deploying a cups print server in a company.


      Desktop PCs run Windows XP SP3.


      Printers are added to Windows from a normal user account as a generic postscript printer (MS Publisher Imagesetter). Printing from applications like OpenOffice.org, Microsoft Office etc works fine.


      Printing from Adobe Reader is possible, but printouts are always being rendered as images, because controls setting this behaviour are disabled:



      "Zaawansowane" means "Advanced" and "Drukuj jako obraz" means "Print as image".


      The result is that each PDF file is rendered as image what causes printing over network to be very slow (600dpi images are huge).


      This options are not disabled on a fake HP LaserJet 6P/6MP printer installed by hand.


      Is there any particular reason why we cannot set these options on MS Publisher ImageSetter?




      Filip Zyzniewski