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    Adobe reader not opening document


      Whenever I try to open a pdf, it behaves like it is downloading, then the word DONE is at the bottom left corner, but the page is blank,   Adobe came installed on my Dell Inspiron.    I am using Windows 7.   Any ideas?

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          Res.Luethi Level 1

          Try to uninstall the preinstalled version of Adobe Reader using Add/Remove Programs from the ControlPanel and reinstall it then from http://www.adobe.com/.



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            I'm having the same issue, but only when trying to open a pdf within Firefox.  No problem

            with IE.  I'm running Widows XP SP3.  This problem started suddenly, and I suspect it's related to updating to Reader X (10.x.x.x).  I've tried to go back to 9.4 but the instructions for this process on the Adobe website don't seem to be valid, at least not for me.


            Are you having the problem in IE or only with Firefox?

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              Buchfish Level 1

              I do not have firefox, so there you have it!    I am afraid I am going to

              have to call Dell, and since I do not have a software warranty they will

              charge 89, bucks.   Agh.

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                borgiba Level 1

                Here's a solution I stumbled across:


                You can eliminate the problem by deleting the mimeTypes.rdf file.    Go to the file located in C:\Program files\mozilla firefox\defaults\profile.  You can get there using Windows explorer if you like.


                Delete the mimeTypes.rdf file.  You can rename it to .rdx or something if you're uneasy about deleting it.


                I don't know if this might lead to some other problem, but we can fret over that if/when it occurs.


                Works for me.  Hopefully it'll work for you.





                Consider creating a restore or recovery point before you do this so you can get back to where you were before you fixed the problem - in case you end up creating a bigger problem with this fix.  Just a preacaution.

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                  Buchfish Level 1

                  Thank you, but I do not have such a file....I don't even have C:\Program

                  files\mozilla firefox\defaults\profile!

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                    There seems to be an unresolved issue with

                    reader x and win7.  The only fix I have seen for this is to uncheck "display pdf in browser"

                    under edit>preferences>internet.  PDFs will now open in the reader rather than opening in IE or foxfire or whatever.


                    There are certain websites where this may come to be an issue and you won't be able to view pdfs without cutting this feature back on.  Viewing pay statements at ADP.com for instance.


                    Hope this helps...