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    horizontalScroll does not show all the time

    flairjax Level 1

      So I have a custom skin, which I have a scroller in to warp the content. Below is my content.  If "holderGroup" has the property width=100% then the horizontalScroll doesn't show when the browser window is sizedsmaller than the content.  But if I remove the width=100% from the "holderGroup", so no width setting, then the horizontalScroll shows appropriately when the browser window is sized smaller thant the content.  But of course when I remove the width=100%  the custom:DetailsPanel doesn't take up the entire screen and looks bad. Anyone know what is going on?



      <s:Group id="holderGroup" width="100%" height="100%" minWidth="0">

                  <custom:DetailsPanel id="lowerPanel"

                                                width="100%" height="100%" bottom="0" dropShadowVisible="false"

                                                showDeleteButton="false" showEditButton="false" showPrintButton="false"







                      <s:HGroup left="0" top="0" width="100%" height="100%">

                          <s:List id="navigationList" width="260"

                                  minHeight="300" height="100%"   >


                                  <s:VerticalLayout gap="0"


                                                    requestedRowCount="7" />




                          <s:Group width="100%" height="100%" top="10" bottom="0">

                              <mx:ViewStack id="vs" top="20" left="10" right="10" bottom="10" width="100%" height="100%" >