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    How to customize pie chart data label


      Hello Techies,


      I have stuck into a deffect which i am not able to resolve since last 4days.  In our application we have a pie chart with call out data labels.

      Our requirement is to make the selected slice/series lables bold. For example if char has four slices A, B, C and D and user clicks on slice B then its label should be BOLD while other should be normal.


      So far I am able to but html tags like <b>B</b>  but it displays the label as it is (means it does not bold the label). I believe data label is not accepting html text.

      Is there any way to resolve this issue.


      Also, I was looking into sdk ChartLabel class where flex has used UITextField. But while assinging the value they have used textfieldVar.text

      This is the problem it does not accept html text. I guess there should be textfieldVar.htmlText. Is this the bug in flex?


      Any kind of help will be greatly appriciated!!