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    Premiere randomly making files offline

    sologuy Level 1

      System Specs:

      Mac quad core

      12 GB Ram

      2 LaCie extrenal 6TB HD connected via firewire 800

      Footage from RED1 and RED MX


      I am currently editing a feature length film shot on RED. I have about 9,000 clips in the project. Everytime I startup premiere and open the project many of the R3D files show up as offline that where online when previously open. This happens again and again. Here is what I have tried:


      - I cleaned out the media cache folder

      - Open the project and allowed permiere to reconform all the files

      - Tired checking on and off the create XMP checkbox


      Nothing has helped. Sometimes, after I reimport the R3D I have to click out of the program then back into it again before Premiere will build the .cfa file. Any ideas on how to get the file links to stay connected? Thanks.