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    swf ad banner originating in AE issue


      Hi all, hopefully someone can help


      I need to create a 468x60 ad banner that is around 100kb, with a url embedded. I have a project in AE, with text, some lens flares and some other basic fx. Total running time: 12 sec. The objective was to op to .avi, import into FlashMX, create a keyframe, embed the url, op to swf, and then I am done. Unfortunately, if I do it that way, the swf filesize is too big. I have tried numerous things - the list is really too long for this post, but among them were outputting to avi at a lower res, other file formats, and taking out some of the fx. Nothing seems to help. The resulting swf is about 600kb, and no matter what I do, I cant get it down to a smaller size. The only one thing I managed to do, is take the swf from FlashMX, put it into vid conversion sw, and make a new swf. The resulting file there is about 150kb which may be ok, but the problem with doing that is the url gets lost. As this is an ad banner going up on a forum, that redirect url must be there.


      So, thinking that I might have too much stuff going on (not all that much, really), the other thing I tried is taking out all of the fx, and transitions from one bit of text to the next, and just having one layer of text start to finish. This works file-size-wise, but obviously I cant use this as an ad banner. Furthermore, I see other ad banners that are longer in length than mine, with just as much - if not more - going on fx-wise, that are 26, maybe 30 kb. Raiding my Windows Temporary Intyernet Files folder revealed this.


      Any suggestions on what I can do here?


      Any help would be really appreciated - thanks!