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    Picture Slide Show

      I am making a website at the moment and would like to include a Flash style custom slideshow on the homepage. I don't have a good backround in AS at all and don't know where to even start. I will start by showing you what I would like to achieve and hopefully anyone can help me from there. PS - I need to have this done in 2 days!

      Photoshop views:

      With mouse over screen shot:

      Without mouse over screen shot:
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          SymTsb Level 2
          What exactly would you like to know? Something like this requires knowledge of loading external jpegs, xml, timers, mouse events and more. It may have been best had you let us know what you knew you could do or have tried.

          Generally speaking, something of this nature could and has taken up multiple topics on these forums. I'd suggest doing a search for "xml flash photo gallery" on google or just "xml photo gallery" in these forums. I'm sure you'll get plenty of hits.
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            Orcutt12 Level 1
            Thanks for the reply. I have tried searching "flash photo slideshow" on google and a few other but I don't seem to find anything that will pop up when the mouse is over it. Would it be easier to make my own in flash or take a premade one from photoshop or the internet and edit it to my likings. I have very little knowledge in actionscript..have tried to make simple sites with 99% success due to all actionscript coming from tutorials. I will search what you suggested.
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              SymTsb Level 2
              You want images for each model vehicle to playback on rollover of the thumbs? Am I understanding that correctly?
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                Orcutt12 Level 1
                correct. it woud scroll side to side with different images when you click(and hold) on the +/- buttons and when you put your mouse over an image it would pop up in a larger scale centered over the whole scroll box.

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                thanks for the help