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    ADE on Mac -- how to uninstall?




      I was trying to get my ADE to recognize that I had a new license for an ebook I checked out from the library. And, with one thing and another, I must have done something which displeased ADE. (Whether it was me looking at an xml file to see what it was and changing permissions on it, or moving a book to the trash, or something, dunno.)


      I *think* just maybe a full uninstall and re-install would reset everything to where I can open my .acsm files again and see books I've checked out. I tried dragging ADE from Applications into the Trash. Then downloading fresh from the site. But, I still have the same problem.


      Can someone tell me where *everything* lives for ADE on Mac OSX, so I can wipe all of its files out? Then a fresh install, and download my books that I've checked out from the library, and I'm back to happy.


      I know about the Package that lives in /Applications. And the storage of files that lives in ~/Documents/Digital Editions. Is there any place else where there's a little xml file lingering that I should know about? I want ADE to think it's never been here before and Just Work again.




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          sarahd99 Level 1

          As a note, I did move my current ~/Documents/Digital Editions folder out of the way, and downloaded a new check-out, and it came in just fine. Then I tried to re-download the "troublesome" book. And I got this error message --


          Franklin & Lucy:
          No record for this loan is found on this machine, it may have been returned


          Now, I had the book checked out. And then it expired, so I deleted the book. And I checked it out again, and every time I try to download, I get this error message. How do I convince ADE that it's never seen this checkout before?




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            Sarah, you might have to go to the Adobe Help site and look at the way that

            control functions work.  I'm betting that there's a record in a file

            somewhere that could be deleted and you'd be on your way.  ADE does keep

            track of past library activity, so that's what I'd start to look for.



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              sarahd99 Level 1

              I looked around the Adobe Help site, but didn't find anything resembling "control functions".


              I'd wager there's a file *somewhere* on this computer. But, short of grepping everything (ooh, I could probably do that later tonight) for the UUID identifying this checkout, it's really impossible to find...



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                sarahd99 Level 1

                Turned the error logging on, and it really seems like the error is happening in the communication at the overdrive server.


                The user-facing website tells me that I have this book checked out for another 10 days. And the website that tells ADE whether my file is right is saying that the loan isn't on record.


                So I'll stop fussing at ADE and wait for the library to fix its records. Or for the checkout to expire naturally and then, finally, be able to finish the last 100 pages of this 450 page book. *sigh*