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    CFAJAX and Reverse Proxies


      We have been having some major issues using CFAJAX with Single Sign-On/Reverse Proxies and I hope someone here can help us to resolve it.


      So our problem is that we use an IBM product called WebSeal which does our single sign on. This products put our applications into "junctions" and handles all authentication to them.


      So our application sits here:




      The url from the user's perspective is:




      Using CFAJAXIMPORT resolves our issues with the CFIDE and scripts folder, but CFAJAXPROXY still is giving us problems. When we use the CFAJAXPROXY attribute CFC as "app.com.mycfc" it works fine most of the time, but will occassionally fail under sso. This is because the sso product is having issues with the relative reference and sometimes cannot associate this URL call to this junction and outputs different one. There are many "fixes" to getting this working in the sso product, but these affect other applications and are not optimal.


      So it really all comes down to this one line of CF generated code:


      var _cf_my=ColdFusion.AjaxProxy.init('/app/com/my.cfc','my');


      In older applications and before CFAJAXIMPORT worked properly, we took the generated code and manually altered and pasted it into the source code. These applications still work properly today through sso; however, in the new application we are trying to actually use the tags now that CFAJAXIMPORT works properly. In the old manual code, we use this line:


      var _cf_my=ColdFusion.AjaxProxy.init('https://ssodomain/domain/app/com/my.cfc','my');


      This works like a charm, but I cannot find any information on how to get CFAJAXPROXY to duplicate this. I assume this could all be resolved if we could use a absolute URL reference like above. However, we can find no instructions or examples of doing an absolute reference to a cfc even though the documentation states this is possible.


      Can anyone be of any assistance?


      Thank you very much!


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