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    Controlling File Size of Edited Photo


      When I edit a photo using PS Express Editor and save the edited jpg file I find that there is a significant file size reduction (7.1 MB to 1 MB).  How can I save the edited file using the the edited version and retain the same approximate file size as the original?


      I have the same question when I edit using PS Express on my iPad.

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          Charlie.D Adobe Employee

          The PS Express Online Editor scales images down to a maximum pixel resolution of 2048 pixels, whether on the horizontal or vertical axis.


          Regarding scaling down images on the iPad, I can not get this to reproduce.  Please update to the iPad to iOS 4.2.1 or greater, and update to the latest version of Photoshop Express for iPad (currently 2.0).  If your software is already up to date, please share more detailed steps to reproduce the issue you see.

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            jog2joy Level 1

            Thank you for the info on scaling down the image to a 2048 pixels.  That explained only part of the reduction in file size.  The original image was in jpg quality of 12.  After minimal editing the resultant image was 1) reduced in pixels AND 2) reduced in jpg quality to between 9 an 10.  Both of these factors are needed to explain the reduction in file size from 7.1 to 1.0 MB.


            Now as to PS Express on iPad 2:  I have the latest version of PS Express iOS and the latest version of iOS.  I would like to make two points:

            1) If I start with a 5.44 MB jpg image with a pixel size of 3872 x 2592 and use PS Express on the iPad to minimally edit (change to B&W) I end up with 1.84 MB file size AND the same pixel size that I started out with (3872 x 2592)!  Certainly not consistent with the web version.

            2) If I start with a large tif image that has been converted from a raw image by the iOS and then try to edit it in PS Express on my iPad I end up with miniscule file size and pixel size.  Maybe you should state that the PS Express is not suitable for RAW image processing?


            It seems to me that there is so much uncertainty on this topic that a comprehensive help file be provided.

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              Charlie.D Adobe Employee


              The differences in behavior between web and mobile versions are known, and at the time they were designed, catering to user needs or platform realities for each type of environment.


              The quality setting used for file saving is another design choice that purposely allows for smaller file size (in bytes).  Many iPhone and iPad users of Photoshop Express rely on our app to make quick edits before uploading and sharing.  Some users rely on 3G connectivity, and prefer smaller file size (in bytes) for faster uploading.


              Regarding the last issue you mentioned, it sounds like Photoshop Express is processing the thumbnail and not the original RAW image.  Some cameras have a setting to record an image in RAW + Jpeg formats simultaneously.  If this is possible for you, please try this approach.  Otherwise, I recommend you use iTunes--import you pictures into iTunes (which will convert the images to a size and format appropriate for Photoshop Express), and then sync them to your device.


              Thanks very much for your thoughtful and insightful feedback on Photoshop Express!  Feedback like yours is valuable, as it helps us understand the evolving needs of our users.  If you haven't done so already, please make sure you post your feature requests for quality and resolution preservation when editing files here:   https://www.adobe.com/cfusion/mmform/index.cfm?name=wishform. This will really help raise the visibility of your request.