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    The preload parameter.


      Hello for all the fellows!!  I wanted to ask please, about a Something which called 'preload' and I'll explain.   When you create a flash movie, so when you finish, or even before, during the preparation, you want to test your movie to see that your animation is going right. So you click control>test movie (ctrl+enter) and your flash project begin to play inside a new window.   In this window, in its left upper corner, there's a section which display your movie's parameters, like its duration, its frame rate and more.  One of this parameters is called 'preload', and his value measurement units are displayed in frames.   After this long introduction, I want to ask two questions:  1. What is this preload parameter and what does it represent?  2. Does this parameter affect significantly on the smoothness of the animation (except from the frame rate)  3. How can I set the preload parameter's value manually?  I will be very very glad to hear helpful answers.   Best regards!!  Atar.