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    Problem with TLF in SWC from Flash

    John R Nyquist Level 1

      I've created an asset in Flash Professional CS5 and brought it into Flash Builder 4 by way of a SWC. When I use the component from Flash inside of the Flex application, it messes up the Arial fonts. The Flash component is using TLF for some text.


      If I load the SWF version at runtime, it works.

      If I switch to Classic Text in the SWC, it works.


      It is only when I try and use the TLF in the SWC that messes up the fonts.


      I've tried setting the ActionScript Settings > Default linkage to Merged into code, that did not help.


      I assume that since the Flex app is specifying Arial as a font that there is a name collision between the embedded font from Flash and Flex, but I'm not sure how to resolve. Suggestions would be appreciated.