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    html embedded in a Word doc

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      One of the developers I work with wants to tag certain blocks of text in a Word document using embedded html code (in the .doc) to define the block of tagged text.  So that within the Word doc there is regular text as well as “tagged text”.   Is it possible ,and if so what is the secret, to getting RH to read html embedded code in a linked Word doc as code and not regular text.

      We eventually want to add a “Copy” button to the RH topic so the User can copy the “blocked” text to her project.  

      Yes that is two things – blocking certain text and adding a Copy button using html code in a Word doc that will be linked to by RH.  So that the compiled RH .chm has topics containing defined blocks of text that can be easily copied.

      Any ideas??

      Thanks Cindy

      btw - I am using ver

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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Hi Cindy


          I'm a bit confused here. You posted this in the RoboHelp HTML forum category. But are you using RoboHelp HTML or RoboHelp for Word?


          I've created topics before that behave exactly as you are describing. I have areas of text that folks can click to copy to their clipboard for easy pasting in later. This is done in RoboHelp HTML using JavaScript and special formatting in topics.


          Cheers... Rick




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            ckf619 Level 1



            Thanks for the reply and further questions.


            We have multiple authors who are writing Help topics for SDKs.  The authors are writing the help topics in Word and then checking them into a source control repository that I have access to.  I am the Help "putter togetherer" (and also author).  I am using the RH 8 HTML Link>Word Document method to import the Word docs from all authors into one Help project.


            The developers/authors want to include sample code that the User can simply copy to the module she is creating accroding to the SDK.


            Man, some of this is way beyond my field of expertise - but I am learning!  I hope that makes sense.


            Would you be willing to send me a sample of "This is done in RoboHelp HTML using JavaScript and special formatting in topics" that you mentioned?