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    Input word into box/Output box gives different word . . . possible?


      Hey all,

      Had a few questions for you guys .

      As some background . . .

      I work for a Public Safety organization for local government. In the coming year or so, we'll be implementing a new records management system for our police and fire agencies, as well as partner agencies in the region. This will require that all agencies use the same type of call type. A call type is an abbreviated message for a type of call.

      For instance, a commercial fire is known as CFIRE in our city, but in a neighboring city it might be labeled as anything from COMFIRE to 211 to . . . whatever really.

      I would like to build a flash "app" where the user can enter in their code, and the app will give them what the universal code is.

      For example, there will be a box that they can type in 211 (or COMFIRE or whatever) and press ok. Below will appear CFIRE. Then I would like them to be able to press a button that says COPY, so it copies that to their clipboard.

      All the various call types for the different agencies will be known. I essentially need something that will say "If field 1 = COMFIRE, 211, X, Y, Z; Then field 2 = CFIRE" type of thing. Then the coding to Copy it to clipboard.

      Is this possible, and if so, where should I be exploring further. I am not unfamiliar with action-scripting, and have built many flash websites that are fairly involved, but I imagine a bit of this will be new to me .

      Any and all help is greatly appreciated.