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    Advanced linking technique question?


      Adobe 9 Standard


      Windows XP

      I currently use a service called streamhoster to help manage and share large files.  I am running into a problem.  I am using Adobe 9 and adding outbound links to urls.  The problem is, if someone is viewing the file utilizing a streamhoster link (i.e. they did not download the pdf to a desktop) and then they click on a link that takes them away from the packet (i.e. a google map url link) they subsequently leave the file.  I am trying to figure out how to open to create a link that will open up another web browser.  My goal is to keep the streamhoster link to my file active in the original window.

      You can check out the link below.  Go to “Land and Location Map” and click on “Click Here Directions” to get an idea of what I am talking about.

      http://web27.streamhoster.com/tbray777/listings/1094%20long%20cove/ub_mkt_1094%20longcove. pdf

      Thanks in advanced for your help.