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      I get what appears to be interlacing in videos that I post to PhotoShop.com using the sharing preset.  My project setting match the video of 1920x1080, 29.97 fps, and 48k stereo.


      When I post to youtube it looks better. (ignore that the resolution is much better, its the interlacing that becomes a problem)


      I suspect that it's because photoshop.com is using a 25 fps frame rate and that my video is shot at 60i and then the file format is 29.97.  Telecine?


      Can I change the preset?

      Or is there some whay to manipulate it?


      Mostly just curious and learning why the same file would look so different.   i can just choose to post to another site.  The one step of the On-line preset is convieient.  But, if I could change and maybe have one for Vimeo.com or something that would be great.


      Not so Great Video

      http://www.photoshop.com/users/TrackDaddy/albums/53f8b4bf501f4a78b220bd454fb42200/view#f2d 9217f86c841c09f96ef58016b637e


      Better video


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          TrackDaddy Level 1

          Think I found my own answer in tips and tricks section.  Turns out the original footage was shot in 24p mode.  The Canon HF R21 stores that in a 60i.  That probably combined with the 25 fps of photoshop.com renders poorly.


          Now if I could create my own presets.


          John ...