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    Save all audio as option like AA3?

    Kaushik Gopal Level 1



      Just wanted to know if Audition for the Mac has the option for "Save All Audio As". the option i'm talking about specifically is this: http://help.adobe.com/en_US/Audition/3.0/help.html?content=WS80FF76BF-F0F3-48e3-9BF1-4A37B 900A8BA.html


      This one is a great time saver and helps in exporting files in a more organized fashion. Essentially i want to be able to many wave forms in multiple tracks individually with a custom name.


      Currently on AA for the Mac, I have to do the following (in MultiTrack view):

      + Edit the wav to create desired effects

      + right click and convert to Unique copy

      + note down the filename from the new properties tab (which is totally neat btw)

      + go back to finder and rename to desired name.

      I have to do this for each and every wav.


      This was all addressed in one single swoop by File > Save All Audio As.


      do let me know if i'm missing something or if this feature is in the pipeline.




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          Charles VW Adobe Employee

          This feature isn't in Adobe Audition CS5.5 but is in the pipeline.  What other comments or suggestions do you have for the Save All Audio As feature?


          We look forward to your feedback.

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            Ron_Day Adobe Employee

            Charles is correct that we do not have the exact "Save All Audio As" feature, but we do have the ability to batch export files which will perform as a "Save as" and might work for what you need this for.


            Try this:

            1. Open all of your files into Audition.

            2. Go to Window > Batch Process.

            3. Drag and drop the files you wish to save from the Files panel into the Batch Process panel.

            4. Click the "Batch Process..." button in the Batch Process panel.


            From here you can choose to give each file a prefix and postfix to the existing name, choose a save location and choose a format and sample type (although you won't be able to change the sample rate of files already in a MT session). You can even run a favorite to have your most common set of actions or effects applied to the files before they're saved.


            Give it a try and see what you think. If you still need functionality from the "Save All Audio As" feature we had in previous versions, please let us know what's missing so we can take that into account for future versions.


            Thanks again for the feedback!