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    Help with load xml based swf in fla presentation


      Hello people ...

      ... I am desperate, tapping in place from last week.

      In fact, i make flash CD presentation in Adobe Flash CS5 AS2 (with minimal use of ActionScript). It  occurs to me the next problem ... need to load flash image gallery that i already have created, in new presentation file. Gallery   was created in Flash Slideshow maker and as products I have. Swf,. Xml   and folders with thumbnails and picture (no. Fla file).

      The concept of the presentation (as root is concerned) should look like in uploaded picture "izgled otvorenog cd-a". In  each of the folder on cd presentation (as on picture) is a Flash  presentation controlled by their xml file whose name I must not change. Exe file "Prezentacija 2011" is a presentation (Flash Projector) that i try to make. In the same presentation i create frames and for each of the frames added action:

      loadMovie ("02_Kapije/kapije.swf", "kapije_ucitavanje");
      kapije_ucitavanje._x = 23;
      kapije_ucitavanje._y = 167;
      stop ();

      (Of course, for each item varies loadMovie root and instance name).

      The problem is that presentations can't find xml file, apparently because they do not have the appropriate root. When   all the files of the one gallery set in the same folder with  the  "Presentation 2011.exe" file, everything works normally (  however, as i  said, i cannot change the name of Xml file and that disturb the concept  of my CD presentation).

      How can I drive loaded swf file from the above script to use Xml file in its folder?

      HELP PLEASE!!!

      P.S. ...and it looks so easy
      P.S.P.S. here is my root folders
      and link for presentation files : http://rapidshare.com/files/456977541/Prezentacija_2011.rarizgled otvorenog CD-a.jpg