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    Layout regression in OSMF sprint3?

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      I have upgraded my OSMF testing projects to OSMF 1.6 Sprint 3 and found that the layout API function is unpredictable comparing to revisions below 2087.

      IS it a regression or am I missing something?

      StageVideo support is disabled.


      I have already written about layout measurement problems here:




      We have managed to avoid an error with a custom plugin I've attached to jira.

      However in trunk revisions post 2074 the situation got worse.


      Here is a simplified version of test project from the ticket above that has an issue already:


      What is done there:

      1) A parallel is created

      2) A simple element with just a display trait is created and inserted to parallel.

      3) Layout metadata is added to both elements.

      Here is a source code:




      * Create layout metadata for the whole composition



      private function createContentMetadata():LayoutMetadata {


      var lm:LayoutMetadata = new LayoutMetadata();

      lm.x = 0;

      lm.y = 0;

      lm.width = 320;

      lm.height = 240;


      lm.layoutMode = LayoutMode.NONE;

      lm.scaleMode = ScaleMode.LETTERBOX;

      lm.verticalAlign = VerticalAlign.MIDDLE;

      lm.horizontalAlign = HorizontalAlign.CENTER;



      return lm;





      * Creates player contents




      private function createMedia():MediaElement {


      var clmd:LayoutMetadata;



      //Create main parallel



      var mp:ParallelElement = new ParallelElement();

      mp.addMetadata(LayoutMetadata.LAYOUT_NAMESPACE, createContentMetadata());



      //Create control bar



      var cb:MediaElement = createControlBar();

      clmd =

      new LayoutMetadata();


      clmd.left = 5;

      clmd.right = 5;

      clmd.bottom = 5;

      clmd.height = 70;


      clmd.index = 3;


      clmd.scaleMode = ScaleMode.STRETCH;

      clmd.verticalAlign = VerticalAlign.MIDDLE;

      clmd.horizontalAlign = HorizontalAlign.CENTER;


      cb.addMetadata(LayoutMetadata.LAYOUT_NAMESPACE, clmd);




      return mp;



      Here are the results for Sprint3 and 2074 versions:





      The grey bar is a "control bar". Sample creates a simple sprite and publishes it as a disply object trait with size 100x20.

      I try to stretch it with metadata to accomodate control bar size to player size as shown in above code.

      However "control bar" is scaled in vertical direction only.


      For your reference here is a comparison using setup from my previous report:




      Here not only control bar is measured wrong - all video sizes and scale modes are invalid.


      Here are links to sample projects.



      With video:



      Thank you!


      Best regards,