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    flv video not playing in AIR application


      Hi everybody,

      i'm building a tutorial with flash catalyst and since the 20 states limit i've split it up in different swf files that I import and show in different states.

      One of these swf (which i built with Catalyst as well) is supposed to play a flv video, and it actually plays it if i run it alone.

      The problem comes when i build the overall tutorial: it works perfectly with the "run project" command in Catalyst and with the run-local version but the video won't play if i try the AIR application.

      Does anyone have any suggestion?


      NB: the "asset" directory created with the AIR application installer does contain the flv file (i didn't have to put it there manually)


      Thanks in advance for your help,


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          Claus Richter

          Hi Giuseppe,

          this seams to be a bug of some sort. I have the same problem.

          I want to play a flv inside an .sw in Adobe Air. Result: Connection Error!


          Hopefulle there is someone out there to help us!




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            giuseppe.frau Level 1

            Thank you for your reply Claus.

            I also think there's some sort of bug, but may I ask you where did you get the connection error message? Cause in my case i just don't get any feedback when I try to play the flv file. Is there any console or log file I can check?



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              Claus Richter Level 1

              Hi Giuseppe,


              what I do is:


              1. create a file using Captivate


              2. i place a .flv video in this file


              3. save the file as .swf


              4. then i go to dreamweaver and put the swf on a html page.



              when viewed in a browser, everything runs fine.


              when i pack this page into an air application (in dreamweaver) the video does not appear,


              instead I get this "Connection Error"



              I do not know a console or log file.


              However, I learned that there is a .xml file located in the same AIR folder that you publish in.


              In this .xml file there is a setting :transparency. in order to playt a .flv file this must not be be "transparent"!

              (i read this somewhere in the net)



              hope that helps


              I will talk to a professional programmer, if I have any news, i will let you know